Comprehensive Physical Examination

We check past medical history, height, weight, blood pressure, lung function tests (spirometry), urinalysis, checking all your cardiovascular, respiratory, alimentary, nervous and urogenital systems. Chest x-ray and basic hearing and eye tests. Blood and urine tests. We provide chaperones for all patients, if requested.

How quickly do I get my results back?

Thorough and detailed reports including all the complete pathology (blood and urine) and x-ray results are back within 24-48 hours and we then scan copies to the relevant cruise line or recruitment agency and the original hard copies can either be picked up from us, or sent confidentially by 1st class registered post to the employee, to a nominated address.

Any other requirements?

We will require for you to bring along photo ID and it would be helpful for you to bring along a schedule of any childhood innoculations or of any travel vaccinations to assists us. We can offer travel vaccinations at an extra cost. When booking this appointment, please advise the secretary, if travel vaccinations are required.


We carry out a full range of general practice services with a personal approach including Pre-Employment Medicals, Executive Screening, Medico-Legal Assessments, Insurance Medicals, Occupational Health Services, Immunisation, Flu Vaccination and general private physician services.

Alison Lewin
Grace Parks
Karen Smith

We are open Monday-Friday, 8.30am to 5.00pm.

We are based at 112 Harley Street, London, W1G 7JQ

We act as medical consultant to a number of large companies in the West End and City providing corporate health care.

We fully understand that our patients lead busy business and private lives and we try to ensure that our patients are never kept waiting, so we do try to be punctual with appointments.


Please book the Visa appointment at the American Embassy as early as possible in the morning ie 8.00 or 8.30am, to allow for delays, as you are not allowed to use mobile phones within the Embassy. If you are out early, you can contact us and we will see you earlier.

If you are attending the Embassy before seeing us for a visa appointment, please ensure you take a photocopy of your passport number and your passport photo, as they often keep hold of the passports and we do need to have your passport number and photo ID.

How long does the medical take?
It takes approximately between 11/2-2 hours, depending on the extent of the medical.
Do I need to give my legal full name as on my passport, when booking the appointment, even if I am known commonly by another first name?
Do we have a female doctor, if a female patient
prefers to see a female doctor?

Yes. Please make it clear to the secretary that you wish to see a female doctor.

Apart from my paperwork, what else do I need to bring along with me?

You will need to bring along your passport, as we require Photo ID and your passport number.

Is there a chaperone always available, when being clinically examined?


Do I need to fast for the medical?

Yes, you do. Please fast for 12 hours before the time of the appointment, but you can and must drink water, as we always require a urine sample to be given at the time of the medical.

If you are taking medication, please continue taking your medication as directed by your doctor.

Should I bring a letter from my own doctor or hospital doctor, if I have any previous or existing medical history?

Yes. It is very helpful for the examining doctor and for the Chief Medical Officer, to see from the patient's own GP or hospital doctor, that the previous or existing medical condition is under control and confirmation of any medication and that the patient has sufficient medication to last the whole of their contract and it will not affect the patient's ability to carry out their proposed employment duties.

Do I need to bring along a printout from my GP of any childhood or travel vaccinations I have had in the past?

Yes. This is very helpful as some Cruise Lines specifically ask for confirmation of vaccinations eg MMR, tetanus and Yellow Fever and assists by providing a record for the Medical Section on board Ship. Otherwise, in some cases, without proof of MMR, or Tetanus or Yellow Fever, it may be unlikely that you will be allowed to board the Ship.

How long should I allow to get the originals results back to me?

We normally get results back within 24 hours. If a cervical smear is involved, then the results will take 2-3 working days. Likewise, if a stool sample is required for food handlers, then it will also take 2-3 working days to process. The results are then emailed to your hirer, you are copied in and then the originals are sent by first class to you.


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